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Activities for Europe

Children’s Songs
Check your favorite countries for their children’s songs.

Coloring pages
Print out and color some tulips and wooden shoes.

Rechenka’s Eggs activities
After you read Rechenka’s Eggs, try some activities.

London Bridge game
Try singing and playing London Bridge is Falling Down.

Egg designs
Print and color some traditional Russian egg designs.

German song lyrics and sound files
Learn some German children’s songs.

Iceland pictures
Enjoy seeing some photographs of Iceland. Imagine a story to go with each picture.

Doll instructions
Make a modified Matryoshka doll out of felt.

Candy cone directions
German first graders get a huge, cone-shaped package of candy from their parents on the first day of school. Try making your own candy cone.

Song lyrics and sound
Try a Scottish sing along, “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.”

Interactive map of Europe
Get “the big picture” of the countries you’re reading about by exploring an interactive map.

Ideas for bookmarks and printable bookmark forms
Make a clay model of a monument or building you’ve read about. Try modeling a simple version of the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for example. Make and decorate a book mark with your own drawings based on one of the books you’ve read.

Children’s songs
Learn children’s songs of your favorite countries.

Map game
Drag the European country to its proper place in a map game.

Welsh CD
Listen to the beautiful sound of the Welsh language on this cd, featuring legends, stories of kings and queens, tales of magic, and underworld fantasies.

Ballet exercises
Try some basic Russian ballet exercises.

Interactive map.
Get an overall view of the countries you’re reading about with an interactive map of Europe. Try to name the countries rolling the mouse over them.

Try other books in the Time Warp Trio series.

Yodeling instructions
Learn yodeling.

Write a poem in response to one of the books you’ve read about Europe.

Buy small chocolate bars from different European countries you’ve read about, such as Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. Have a taste testing party by cutting the bars into small squares and taste them without knowing which one it is. Have each person choose a favorite, then find out which one it was!

See if your school or public library has the computer game, “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” for you to borrow or use there.

Multi-format game
Can you identify European capitals? Play a game to learn them.

Scherenschnitte pattern
Cut out an intricate Scherenschnitte (paper cutting) heart. This craft originated in Germany and Austria.

Country quiz
Try your hand at a quiz about countries in Europe.

See the movie Girl with a Pearl Earring and compare it to the book. Which is better, in your opinion? Should the movie producers have left out some scenes and put in other things that you found in the book?

Examples of travel brochures other students have designed
Create a travel brochure for a country you’ve enjoyed reading about. Highlight some of the things you learned in the book.

Keep your own daily diary, and include personal reflections on political events as well as personal triumphs and crises.

In the 1800’s, aristocrats used to take a Grand Tour of Europe before seriously settling down to work or pursue other activities at home. If you could take such a tour today, what countries would you choose? Plan your dream “tour.”

Monument quiz in several formats
Do you know what famous monuments are in which European country? Try a quiz.

Use a photo you’ve taken during your own travels or that you find on the internet to design a travel poster. Think about what monuments, geographical sites, crafts, native costumes, music, and historical sites in a country make people want to visit.

Review the flags of Europe. Learn a few that you don’t already know.

Greek Alphabet
Learn a few letters of the Greek alphabet. See the names of the letters, hear pronunciation, and see examples of upper and lower case.(requires Quicktime to hear the pronunciation)



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