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Week of March 11, 2012

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We are still waiting in St. Louis for more news about Louie. Uncle GT has been very worried. He called Louie’s phone a few times, and the final time someone answered the phone with a definite New York accent. GT is trying to confirm that Louie is in New York before we fly there. GT is a bit worried that Louie has been taken by bad guys, so he hasn’t called Louie back. GT doesn’t want to tip off the bad guys. And maybe the bad guys are the ones writing the texts? GT also wonders if maybe the phone was stolen. Holy Idaho! So many possibilities, I hope Louie is OK! I wish he would call, text, or email us. The only clue we really have is that Louie said he was heading to a fish market. But where is the fish market? Do you think New York has fish markets?

     - Meri

A picture of a fish market that we found online!

Another picture we found, Central Park in New York City. Do you see the big building in the background? New York City has LOTS of big buildings!


Meri and I did some research last night and learned that New York City is actually on an estuary island , which is a big port where the rivers meet the ocean. So we figure that there are definitely fish markets in New York City. So now we are heading to the most populous city in the United States and one of the most populated areas in the world! New York is a world leader in finance, culture, fashion, entertainment, and commerce. There are so many big buildings; they cover the entire island – a lot more buildings than Phoenix.

There are many famous landmarks in the city: the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are both famous throughout the world. See the photos with this post.

Did you know that nearly 170 languages are spoken in New York City! Wow! I wonder if all of those people can understand English. 36% of the population of New York City was born outside of the United States (that’s about one out of every three people). The city has many cool nicknames: Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, Gotham, The Capital of the World, and more. I can’t wait to get there! We found a neat site all about the “Big Apple.” Be sure to check it out. We will write more when we arrive.

     - Geo

Look at this amazing picture we found of the Statue of Liberty illuminated at night! Wow!

Sunset on the Empire State Building

Another shot of the Empire State Building (and many other HUGE buildings).


Big Apple History
Learn about the history of New York City!


Holy Idaho! We just flew halfway across the United States. We attached a map. Take a look, St. Louis is pretty far from New York City. Can you tell what cardinal direction we traveled going from St. Louis, Missouri to New York City? This bustling city is located in northeastern United States. It is basically halfway between Washington, D.C. and Boston. I have never been to Boston, but we did visit DC earlier on this mission.

It isn’t nearly as cold here as I expected. New York has a humid subtropical climate and has about 234 days of sunshine every year. New York experiences all four seasons. Summers are hot and humid; winters are cold and windy (but warmer than inland cities such as Chicago and Pittsburgh). Spring and fall are both unpredictable but typically have moderate temperatures.

One really cool thing about visiting New York City is getting to ride (and hail) a cab. We took a cab to the Empire State building, Central Park, and Statue of Liberty. I. Love. New York! Holy Idaho!! We took more pictures, and don’t forget to check out the map.

     - Meri

A couple taking a carriage ride through Central Park. Wish we would have had time to do that!

Central Park - favorite stop of the day.

Another beautiful shot from Central Park.


United States Map
Take a look at this map of the United States. Can you find St. Louis and New York City? What cardinal direction did we travel? What else do you notice on this map? Do you know what type of map this is? What landforms can you see? Do you see any other places we have visited on this mission?


We have been searching and searching all of the local fish markets. We have shown everyone the photo we have of Louie. No luck! I feel like we have hit a dead-end.

Text from Pandora: GT trying 2 call U 2. Can’t get thru.

Text to Pandora: Thx

We realized that our cell battery had died! Talk about bad timing! We had been out investigating in the city all day, so we didn’t even realize our phone’s battery had died until we plugged it in at the hotel and found the text from Pandora. Good news though! We have a lead. Louie made a purchase in the city of Seattle. Uncle GT was smart and called the hotel where the purchase was made to confirm that Louie was really staying at that hotel. They wouldn’t confirm that he was there, but they did help out in two ways. First, they told Uncle GT that Louie was seen walking through the lobby a few minutes before with two gentlemen. The hotel personnel were not sure WHO the other two gentlemen were. Second, the hotel personnel told Uncle GT that they couldn’t tell him Louie’s hotel room number, but they could connect him to Louie’s room. BINGO – now we know the city and even the exact hotel name and location where Louie is staying! Now the fish market makes sense. Seattle has a TON of fish markets and one very famous one downtown. Uncle GT is a bit worried about our safety, since Louie is acting strange and has two unknown gentlemen escorting him through the hotel lobby. So, Uncle GT is flying up here to meet us and travel with us to Seattle. We are taking one of his jets (our favorite way to travel). We will update once we arrive and are “Sleepless in Seattle.” In what part of the United States is Seattle located?

     - Geo

The cab we rode in today (this is the cab driving away from our hotel).

The view of the city from our hotel window.

A picture we took of the Statue of Liberty.


Another map of the United States
Take a look at this map of the United States. Can you find Seattle? Do you know what state Seattle is located in? What part of the United States contains Seattle? Is Seattle in the northeastern U.S., northwestern U.S., or the Great Plains?

Tell Geo and Meri what to do:

- Is Seattle located in the northeastern part of the United States?

- Is Seattle located in the Great Plains?

- Is Seattle located in the northwestern part of the United States?







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