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Week of April 8, 2012

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We finally got a call last night from Louie. He left us a voicemail telling us to meet him at the capital of the state of Utah on Saturday at noon. He left us the name of the restaurant where we are to meet (inside the hotel), and his room number. Holy Idaho! We just arrived in the capital of Utah. Do you know what city is the capital? It is also the most populated city in the entire state of Utah. Take a look at the map and try to figure out where we are.

     - Meri

Here is a picture we found of Utah!

Look at the beautiful picture we found of a waterfalls in Utah?


Map of Utah
Here is a map we found of Utah. Can you find the state Capital? What else does this map provide? Is there a map legend?

Friday Night

Have you ever heard of Salt Lake City? Salt Lake City’s map coordinates are 40°45?N 111°53?W. The city is about 1100 square miles. The average elevation of the city is above 4,000 feet about sea level. The city has a beautiful salt lake: the Great Salt Lake. Have you ever heard of that lake? The Great Salt Lake is separated from Salt Lake City by both mudflats and marchlands .

Another interesting fact about this area is that it is laid out on a grid plan . This means that most major streets run east-west or north-south. Addresses within this grid plan are all coordinates (very similar to longitude and latitude . We will see if we can find a map that shows you the grid plan layout. Are the streets where you live on a grid layout?

The climate in this city is characterized as a steppe climate . They experience four seasons. Summer and winter are both long. The summers are hot and dry. The winters typically experience snow. Spring experiences the most rain. Salt Lake City receives about 16 inches of precipitation every year. Most snow is lake-effect snow. Do you remember what that is?

     - Geo

Salt Lake City at Night

Another nighttime shot of Salt Lake City

Here is a famous Mormon church that we saw earlier today in Salt Lake City, Isn't it beautiful?


Grid Map of Utah
Here is a grid map that we found online. Can you find Salt Lake City? Although this map doesn't allow you to click on the grid boxes, it does give you a clear example of how a grid map works.


Holy Idaho! Well today is the BIG day – finally time to meet Louie! We have to be at the hotel in about an hour. Uncle GT has flown here to meet us, and finally talk to Louie. We are taking a short trip to the Great Salt Lake now, before we head to the hotel. We will take pictures, don’t worry. We have attached a map to this blog entry. Check out the map and try to figure out what all other states border the state of Utah.

     - Meri

The Great Salt Lake

Another picture of the Great Salt Lake

A shot of some beautiful flowers (and another Mormon church) that we saw out in Salt Lake City.


Map of Utah (and surrounding states)
Which states surround Utah? Which state is to the north, south, east, and west? How many states border Utah?

Sunday Night

Holy Idaho! What a day! We arrived at the hotel about 10 minutes before we were supposed to be there. We waited in the restaurant and just got some water and tortilla chips. After we waited (and waited) for nearly an hour, we got an email from Louie.

Email from Louie:

Did U 2 have me followed? The 2 gentlemen who have been following me showed up at this hotel. I don’t know how 2 know if I can trust you.

Email to Louie:

Louie, we aren’t tricking you. And we didn’t well ANYONE where you were, except our Uncle GT. You know we are safe. Let’s meet up and let us prove it to you. We attached a photo to this email so you know we are “for real.” The picture is something we KNOW you enjoy collecting! We will meet you at the “minute man.” The clue is in the quarter. There will be so many people there; it will be safe. But try to meet up with us by first thing Monday AM. Uncle GT and some associates will be there to protect you from the men following you!

     - Meri

The state quarter (picture) that we sent to Louie.

Tell Geo and Meri what to do:

- Is the minuteman an American colonist at the time of the Revolution?

- Is the minuteman a person who fixes clocks?

- Is the minuteman a race car driver?







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