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Women's History Resources


Last update - March 7, 2002

African American Women Writers - Grades 6-12 - This site from the New York Public Libarary lets users access texts of writings by 19th century African American women. The titles and topics vary, but the site offers an interesting exposure to primary sources that might not otherwise be available.

American Women in Uniform - Grades 6-12 - Here's a site - with an attitude - about women in the military. There's plenty of information on the roles of women from the 18th century to the present, with an emphasis on the extent of women's accomplishments. Nice source for some information that's hard to find elsewhere.

Biographies of Famous Women - Grades 4-12 - Gale group again offers its collection of biographies of famous women. The selection is eclectic and includes many contemporary entries.

Women in Biology - Grades 9-12 - Here's a "labor-of-love" site designed for women scientists. It offers some interesting demographic information on women in science, as well as "from the trenches" commentary on some of the issues confronting talented women trying to build careers.

Celebrating Women's History - Grades 6-12 - This Gale's site offers a nice collection of biographies of important women in American history, complete with background information on the activities in which these women were engaged.

Distinguished WomenGrades 6-12 - This site contains a listing of women (American and otherwise) who are famous in their particular fields. It includes biographies of some of the women listed. This site could be used to aid in researching famous women of the past. Text-heavy and a little dated, the content is there nonetheless. Privately published.

Duke University's Collection on African-American Women - Grades 6-12 includes original source documents, scanned images, and transcriptions from African-American women detailing their lives and times. This site would be of interest to students studying the history of women as well as US History.

Duke University's Collection on Women in the Civil War - Grades 6-12. Includes original source documents, scanned images, and transcriptions from women in the Civil war era detailing their lives and times. This site would be of interest to students studying the history of Women as well as US History.

Female Frontiers - Grades 6-12 - This site from NASA offers biographies and context on more than a dozen women who have made major contributions to the evolution of technology, computing, and the study of space in the 20th century. The site is useful both because of the historical significance of the these contributions, and because of the examples these women in science have set for other young women.

History of Women's Suffrage - Grade 6 and up - Overview of the Suffrage movement from the mid 1800s forward. From the University of Rochester.

The National Museum of Women's History - Grades 7-12 - This site offers an ongoing selection of exhibitions related to the expanding role of women in American social, economic, and political history. Exhibits change periodically, and are currently devoted to the 150th anniversary of the women's suffrage movement.

National Museum of Women in the Arts - Home to a collection of on-line exhibits and other information on women artists.

National Women's History Project Links - The site offers a small collection of links dealing with women's history and famous women.

Places where women made history. - Grades 4-8 - The National Park Service created this cybertour of locations in New York and Massachusetts that were important in the women's literary, rights, and suffrage movements. The presentation is dated, but useful for showing where people lived and events happened.

Quilts and Quiltmaking in America - Grades 6-12 - Use for more than warmth, quilts frequently told stories and histories. This Library of Congress site explains how and shows examples.

Railway Women in Wartime - This is a fascinating archival photo collection describing how important women were to the railroads during World War I and World War II. The site includes some British and European content as well.

The Seneca Falls Convention - Grades 9-12 - The Library of Congress offers this collection of newspaper clippings and other information about the famous 1848 women's rights convention.

A Time Remembered - Grades 6-12 - Treasured moments from the 1850s are relived in the archived collection of Godey’s Lady’s Book, the periodical that many scholars say changed the role of the American woman. Each book is full of poetry, sketches and articles by well-known authors of the time. From the University of Rochester.

Women and the Nobel Prize - Teachers - This is an on-line text of a new publication from the National Academy Press which covers the careers of the women who have won the Nobel prize. While the scope of each biography varies, the content could be useful in lesson planning for specific scientific disciplines, or as part of the study of the accomplishments of women in science. This could also be a good high school term paper resource.

Women's Suffrage Time Line - Grades 6-12 - The Library of Congress created this "just the facts" timeline to introduce the people and events of the American suffrage movement. There are links to archival images of many of the personalities. Great for sorting out who did what, and when.

Votes for Women - Grades 6-12 - This collection of original documents and images from the Library of Congress traces the evolution of women's suffrage from the early 19th century through the 1920s. While there are many texts and writings, the images are the most approachable element of this site, which could form the basis for many sorts of research presentation.

Whole Cloth - Grades 6-12 - This site was developed by the Smithsonian as part of this year's History Day competition, which deals with the role of invention in American history. The site traces the way in which advances in the manufacturing of textiles created wholesale changes in American industry and social structures. Among the results: Once women were freed from the need to make clothing by hand, other opportunities became available. Good site for students interested in history day projects, or for use in a history or social studies curriculum.

Women's History - The History Channel - The popular cable channel's women's history site provides images, content, and links to related resources.

Women of the Iditarod - Grades 4-12 - Here's a site that celebrates an outdoor challenge at which several women have excelled. Learn about the Iditarod and the strength and spirit of the women who participate.

Women of the West - Created by Denver's Women of the West Museum, this site offers information and some images concerning the fight for women's rights in the western states. The content is based on exhibits from the museum.

Women and Social Movements - 1830 - 1930 - Grades 6-12 - This ongoing project deals with the role of women in the cultural and economic development of the US from the mid-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. The thematic approach covers numerous areas of American history and deals with the roles of women - directly and indirectly - in these themes. From the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Women Writer's Project - Grades 9-12 - This site from the Women Writer's project at Brown University offers information on contemporary women writers, as well as resources for aspiring writers.


Women in the World

4000 years of women in Science - A site which explores the discoveries of women around the world and long ago. Here's a great starting point for those who may not realize the extent of women's contributions through the ages.

Biographies of Famous Women - Grades 4-12 - Gale group again offers its collection of biographies of famous women. The selection is eclectic and includes many contemporary entries.

Women in World History - A collection of information and resources on famous women through history.

Women and the Holocaust - Grades 9-12 - A haunting, sometimes disturbing site that chronicles the experiences of women in the holocaust. This is an important story to tell, but teachers may want to think carefully about how and when it is presented.

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